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Over the weekend of May 22nd, 23rd & 24th I will be running around Jersey TWICE!!! (96 miles).


This will be a solo unaided effort, so everything I need for this feat will be carried by me: food, water, sleeping bag.


I am hoping to raise as much money as possible for 2 charities:


Brighter Futures (www.brighterfuture.org.je) a local based family charity, which I have been involved with in many community based projects.




Tiny Toones (www.tinytoones.org) a Cambodian School where I volunteered in November 2014.



If you would like to donate, please use the bank details below:


Bank Name: Barclays


Account Name: Mr S Mills


Sort code: 20-45-05


Account Number: 50475688




Many thanks for donating, I really appreciate your support for


these 2 great charities.



Yours Gratefully


Scott Mills


Here a brief precis of my Twice is Nice completed feat:


Day 1 - Greve D'Azette to Corbiere

I set off on Thursday 21st May from House, turning right to head towards St.Clement coast road, my bergen with all the food, water, and sleeping equipment I needed weighing in at over 2 stone. Today was all about head up and getting as much distance as possible. Passing Gorey I received several waves and cheers from supporting friends. My first planned break came at St.Catherines, as I knew the next leg to Greve de Lecq conquering the infamous North Cliff paths would be long and arduous. It was tough and I constantly battled my thoughts of 'I've got to do these paths again'. I reached St.Ouens bay, muscles were beginning to tire, and a few aches and pains came and went. After getting reaching Corbiere my next challenge was to find a bed for the night. I decided to search near La Moye quarry, which was a former desalination plant. My bed was sheltered from the westerly wind by Gorse bushes, and the spot was surprisingly soft with it being sandy soil out West (assisted by lots of rabbit droppings). Following a foot massage by my girfriend, I ate and managed a good night sleep under the stars.

Day 2 - Corbiere to Le Saie Harbour

I woke up surprisingly spritely, but I think I could have slept on a wire fence after the first day run. After speaking with Jersey Radio and 103, I made my way down to St.Brelades and onto St. Aubins for my first coffee of the day.  Today was, as I had planned the easiest of the entire run. no cliff paths today!!!! I enjoyed a nice flat run into town, and beyond, where I passed my house with dreams of a soft bed and shower inside. I continued onward to Gorey this time over the Royal Jersey Golf club, and onto St.Catherines where Chase, Caius and Flynn from my Total Mayhem Junior Crew were waiting for me. I then made the short journey to Le Saie harbour where I ate and slept in the 17th Century Guardhouse situated next to the Dolmen. I made a superb grass bed on the concrete floor and enjoyed a smokeless fire. Couldn't have been happier until the thought of the North Cliff paths for the second time flew into my mind before drifting off to sleep.

Day 3 - Le Saie Harbour to Corbiere

I woke at 5am, sea fog clouded my view, which was great as I was in the zone to tackle the cliff paths. I made it through Bouley Bay and Bonne Nuit enduring a tough mental and physical battle. Arriving in St.Johns my knees (especially my right one) were beginning to feel and show the exertions of the last couple of days. Every sleeper step became higher and bigger each time I conquered the previous one. Sorel To Grosnez in my sights, I made it through after seeing sheep with 3, yes 3 horns.  I had to wipe my eyes and believe what I can seeing. Down into St.Ouens bay where several friends were enjoying the sun and a few cold ones, I reluctantly continued without taking up the offers of a cold, crisp swig of beer. I made it to my first night camp once again, and began eating super noodles for the 3rd day running (never want to eat them again!) and bedded down for the night. I was gazing out to space searching for planes and satellites in the night sky, when all of sudden a beautiful and silent owl flew directly over my head within reaching distance. I lifted my head slowly only to see the majestic flight of the owl coming towards me about 4 feet of the ground. Simply amazing.

Day 4 - Corbiere to Gloucester Vaults pub

Thinking I would get a bit of lie in, came to an abrupt end, because of the sea fog rolling in around 5.30am, which forced the lighthouse to sound its foghorn every 5 minutes. So Lay there in the white out until the sun became stronger and burnt off the fog as I set of through to St.Brelades and Ouaisne Bay for a coffee, and a chat with a couple on holiday from Scotland. I quick burst up around portelet common and down into St.Aubins bay. The end was in sight. Emotions raced through my mind and body, as many adjectives as you can think of but one which I didn't expect 'sadness'. Why? because it was over, no more running for a long time, the feat was nearing its climax. Once I had the Gloucester Vaults in my sight with a waiting crowd of family and friends to cheer me home, the sadness had dissipated and the crowing glory of the official end to my Twice is Nice was over - once the first sip of cold and golden cider hit my lips.

What a mission it was to complete the feat of Twice is Nice. It still hasn't really sunk in what was equivalent to running from London to Brighton and back again. Maybe in a few weeks when I'm having a quiet moment will it sink in what I achieved not only personally but for Tiny Toones (www.tinytoones.org) and Brighter Futures (www.brighterfuture.org.je) . The 2 charities which I'm extremely proud of what they do for their communities (even though many continents and seas separate them) their ethos is prominent, and overlaps. I choose them both as I have worked closely with them in the past on various projects and will continue to do so in the future.

Twice is Nice conqueror Scott Mills .


Total donations, an amazing £1,750!!!! Thank you to all who donate