Breakin' Music

The musical selection for breaking is not restricted to hi-hop music as long as the tempo and beat pattern conditions are met. Breaking can be readily adapted to different music genres with the aid of remixing. The original songs that popularized the dance form borrow significantly from progressive genres of jazz, soul, electro and disco. The most common feature of b-boy music exists in musical breaks, or compilations formed from samples taken from different songs which are then looped and chained together by the DJ. The tempo generally ranges between 110 and 135 beats per minute with shuffled 16th and 1/4 beats in the percussive pattern. History credits DJ Kool Herc for the invention of this concept later termed the Break Beat.

Some tunes from my playlist

A Man called Adam - APB
Ain't Nobody - Chaka Khan
Battle Cry - Black Opz
Bring it Back - Bboy Masterminds
Babe Ruth - The Mexican
Beat Junkies - Breakbeats
Brooklyn is Burning - Head Automatica
Brownout - African Battle
Bunny - Just Begun
Ch-check it out - Beastie Boys
Chubb Rock - The One
Cypress Hill - Cock the hammer
Cypress Hill - Lick a shot
Cypress Hill - Real Estate
Damaged Brain - DJ Junk
DJ Khaled - I'm On
DJ Kool - Let Me Clear My Throat
DJ Lean Rock - Free In the Style
DJ Lean Rock - Full Contact
DJ Lean Rock - Nitro
DJ Lean Rock - Uela Uela
DJ Pablo - BBoys War
DJ Pablo - Lets Go
DJ Pable - One Bboy
DJ Renegade - Amen
Donald Austin - Crazy Legs 7"
Eric B & Rakim - Don't Sweat the Technique
Eric B & Rakim - I know you got Soul
Eric B & Rakim - Pass the Hand Grenade
Eric B & Rakim - Know the Ledge
EPMD - I'm Mad
Herbiliser - Goldrush
Incredible Bongo Band - Apache
James Brown - Give it up or Turnit a Loos
James Brown - Get up Offa that Thing
James Brown - Get on the Good Foot
James Brown - Static, Pts.1 & 2
JasimProd - Masterbreak
Laura Vane the Vipertones - Roof Off
Loopmasta - Steel Breaks
Lusty Lady - Johnny Bristol
Macklemore - BBOy
Mobb Deep - Keep it Thoro
Naughty by Nature - Hip Hop Hooray
New York City Breakers - Graffiti Rock
On the Eve of War - Julio Cesar Chavex Mix
Pete Rock CL Smooth - The Creator
Plasteed - The Freshest Track
Promoe - Off the Record
Quincy Jones - Money Runner Reprise
Scraper - Liquid Liquid
Shake and Hip Drop - The Sound Stylistics
Spirit Grooves
Tbreaks & 10 Tonn - Smooth Bboy
Timothy Mission - Body Language
Them Team Theme - DJ Blesone
They want EFX - Das EFX
The Unknown DJ - 808 Beats
Tribe Called Quest - Scenario
You got A Case - Barry White
Young MC V Freestyle
Young MC - Know How

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