Scott Mills aka Bboy Shadow

                   The Wise Bboy

"Bboying is an art which separates you from every other person. You are no longer man but a new breed, An evolution yet to be categorised".

I started Breakin' early 2009, when I came across a dance studio while Living in Nottingham called QMX . Here I began the long and arduous process learning to Break at the veteran age of 35. After an ‘interesting’ first lesson, I met Philip aka “20 bucks” who took me under his wing and taught me about the history, understanding of what it means to be a bboy and the importance of ‘fundamentals’. I continued to practise non-stop in the studio, at home and in a local Carphone Warehouse car park (often using the street lights when it was dark).

I returned to Jersey where much to my surprise, I could not find any classes offering Breakin'. I  decided to approach Education, Sport & Culture (ESC) to offer this superb form of dance to the schools of Jersey.

To date, I have taught over 3,000 pupils at 22 primary and 5 secondary schools, clockin over 2,500 teaching hours as part of PE Lessons or after schools clubs. During 2010, I taught Year 10 the Urban section of the BTEC Performing Arts class at Le Rocquier school, and was subsequently asked to accompany their dance crew to the Dance World Cup held in Paris.

With the success of Breakin' sessions in schools, I decided to open “Total Mayhem” Breakin' club. The first lesson took place in a squash court in St.Ouen (big shout to Mr Hawson, RIP). Through word of mouth, numbers increased and we moved to Samares School, where it still takes place. The Total Mayhem Junior Crew now has 25 aspiring Bboys and Bgirls.

With foundations laid down with junior bboys and bgirls, my attention turned to teaching adults. In 2011, I began teaching at Samares School, and have since moved to The Bridge where Bboys & Bgirls continue to learn all important 'fundamentals'.

On a community basis, I have taken part in many Brighter Futures ( projects in association with Jersey Arts Centre (big shout to G) (, as well as at Jersey Live and other such like events. I and Total Mayhem crew also help to support and spread the word of Tiny Toones, a NGO based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia (


Personal Workshops:

Recently I attended Catch the Flava ( in Slovakia for a week’s workshop with some of the World’s best known Breakers: (Alien) Ness head of the Zulu Kings (New York), Bboy Moy (Texas, US) Bboy Focus (Finland) and Jeskilz (New York).